Dreaming Life

Album Image: A digital cartoon drawing of Laura in black pen with flowy lines, with light blue and dark blue watercolour scribbles digitally on top. Next to it is written "Dreaming Life, Laura Zakian" in capitals, in text that is two shades of blue.

Released on 29th April 2022

Dreaming Life adds five new songs to five reprised and sometimes rearranged compositions from Zakian’s first released collaboration with Pyne, the critically acclaimed Minor Moments (2019). Zakian also covers Coming Home by American folk artist Patty Griffin, displaying her ease in imprinting her style on a wide range of musical idioms.

Click here to listen to the pre-release single San Angelo.

Laura Zakian has lived and worked in London for more than two decades, teaching as well as practicing her art. She studied in New York with Nancy Marano from the Manhatten School of Music, then began her jazz career in Italy.

Percussionist and composer Martin Pyne’s recorded oeuvre ranges from straight ahead contemporary jazz through electronica to improvised percussion for dancers. His Spirit of Absent Dancers LP was hailed as one of the Guardian’s personal albums of the year for 2020.

Paul Bartholomew, on baritone sax, has worked with stars from BB King to Chaka Khan, Dr John to Supergrass.  He’s also Zakian’s husband.

Steve Lodder, on piano, bassist Andy Hammill and drummer Nic France complete the quintet. They are all highly regarded in the jazz and wider musical world, and between them have worked with an amazing array of artists, from Andy Shepperd and Annie Ross to Sarah Jane Morris and Tanita Tikaram.

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