Dreaming Life

Album Image: A digital cartoon drawing of Laura in black pen with flowy lines, with light blue and dark blue watercolour scribbles digitally on top. Next to it is written "Dreaming Life, Laura Zakian" in capitals, in text that is two shades of blue.

Released on 29th April 2022

There are some captivating tunes here, gently modulating between moods and subverting expectations as on the lovely first number, ‘Plainsong,’ which features find baritone work from Zakian’s husband, Paul Bartholomew, or ‘Here Comes The Fall,’ with its nagging opening piano line from Steve Lodder that tugs insistently at the listener’s consciousness. An impressive collaboration that promises much more.


Robert Shaw – Jazzwise

Dreaming Life adds five new songs to five reprised and sometimes rearranged compositions from Zakian’s first released collaboration with Pyne, the critically acclaimed Minor Moments (2019). Zakian also covers Coming Home by American folk artist Patty Griffin, displaying her ease in imprinting her style on a wide range of musical idioms.

Laura Zakian – Vocals
Steve Lodder – Piano
Andy Hamill – Bass
Nic France – Drums
Paul Bartholomew – Baritone sax, bass clarinet, contra alto clarinet
Martin Pyne – Vibraphone and percussion

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